There are many cemeteries in Chilton County that have been forgotten or are neglected. These are the graves of our ancestors who came into the wilderness that was Alabama. They spent their sweat and blood to develop the communities we all enjoy today. These are also the graves of our veterans who fought and died for our liberties and freedoms.

They deserve to be remembered and their resting places restored and maintained.

Isabella Methodist Cemetery Survey (24 reads)
March 26, 2011, starting at 9:00 a.m., the CCA will hold a cemetery survey workday at the Isabella Methodist Church Cemetery. Volunteers will need to be able to diagram a row of graves using measuring tape, graph paper, and a symbol chart. Jeff Reece will be taking photographs of the headstones so volunteers may also need to clean the headstone using water and a brush if the headstone is too dark to photograph well. All supplies needed to complete this survey will be furnished by the CCA and volunteers need only bring their willingness to help.  
Joseph Ellison at Williams Goodgame (29 reads)
On March 5, 2010 members of the Ellison family and Jeff and Kat Reece met at the Williams Goodgame Cemetery to install the new headstone for Joseph Ellison. Joseph died in a hunting accident when he fell from a tree. An article about the accident was published in The Chilton View on August 1, 1889 and can be downloaded by clicking here. Contributions for the headstone came primarily from Benny and Ed Ellison, pictured here with Joseph's headstone. The Chilton Cemetery Association had previously poured a concrete ledger on Joseph's grave to prepare it for the headstone placement.

L to R: Benny Ellison, Ed Ellison, Larry Ellison, Brantley Ellison, and Llannie Ellison

Kneeling: Berneal Ellison

Members of the Ellison family gathered at the gravesite and provided the muscle to move and place the heavy granite stone.
Lovelady/Chesnut Hill Cemetery (44 reads)
  Historic Atlas of Alabama (Vol 2, Cemetery Locations by County) number: 136 Cemeteries of Chilton block designation: Z Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance number: 11-001420 Download a diagram of this cemetery  
Diagram Number Image Information Notes
1 James E. Johnson September 14, 1877 April 25,1890 Son of J. F. and E. C. Johnson
2 /td> Unknown -
3 Unknown -
4 Unknown -
5 Unknown -
6 Unknown -
7 Willie Elizabeth Loveday June 27, 1876 May 22, 1955 -
8 James Richard Lovelady May 8, 1872 August 2, 1931 Woodmen of the World
9 German S. Lovelady August 7, 1899 August 3, 1910 -
10 Harvin J. Lovelady March 7, 1896 January 28, 1901 -
11 H. J. Lovelady Dates Illegible Son or Daugh of J. R. & W. E. Lovelady
12 Weston "Dueie" Lovelady December 22, 1903 March 19, 1904 -
13 Carvin J. Lovelady November 17, 1893 January 4, 1916 Woodmen of the World
14 Unknown -
15 Unknown -
16 Susan Lovelady Died July 19,1908 Aged near 65 years
17 Duffie Lovelady Feburary 24, 1881 July 26, 1904 -
18 Jeneary Lovelady September 4, 1876 July 10, 1879 -
19 John N. Lovelady April 28, 1848 January 28, 1891 -
20 Sarah Lovelady May 5, 1826 February 25, 1895 -
21 M. J. Nichols 1869 1924 -
22 Unknown -
23 J. W. Nichols 1856 1924 -
24 Unknown -
25 Unknown -
26 Unknown -
27 Unknown -
28 Unknown -
29 Unknown -
30 James David Lovelady February 24, 1853 October 4, 1924 Father
31 Matilda Ann Lovelady May 12, 1843 Mother
32 Sarah Velma Lovelady November 27, 1887 January 20, 1888 Daughter of W. R. & R. M. Lovelady
33 Unknown -
34 Unknown -
35 Unknown -
Foshee Cemetery (67 reads)

  Historic Atlas of Alabama (Vol 2, Cemetery Locations by County) number: 95 Cemeteries of Chilton block designation: O Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance number: 11-001455 Download a diagram of this cemetery  
Diagram Number Image Information Notes
1 William F. Foshee January 28, 1846 May 25, 1911 No military stone, but, served in Co. D, 62nd Ala Inf CSADownload CMSR
2 Mary Foshee August 25, 1843 August 13, 1916 Mother
3 Sam Foshee June 26, 1877 June 9, 1937 Brother
4 Essie Foshee April 15, 1886 January 27, 1942 Sister
5a Ruby Foshee August 26, 1888 Death date not inscribed -
5b Nellie Foshee June 29, 1882 June 27, 1956 -
Williams Goodgame Workday (768 reads)
May 8, 2010, members of the Chilton Cemetery Association, the Williams family, the Seales family and Boy Scout troop 259 gathered together at the Williams Goodgame Cemetery to try and save what remains of one of the county's historic cemeteries.The first Sheriff of Chilton County, Thomas H. Williams, is buried here with his family. Also buried here are his in-laws, John and Sarah Rasberrey Goodgame and their grandson Reese Goodgame. Neighbors of the Williams family, Edward Willis and his son Grover, are also buried in the cemetery as is Joseph Ellison. Sheriff Williams was also a Second Lt. in the Confederate army, Edward Willis also served in the Confederacy, John Goodgame served in the Creek War of 1836.
Grant Seales and members of the Williams family prepare to clear the road frontage
We had a good group of volunteers: William Ray, David Dennis, Janette Bailey, Ivan Truss, Craig & Heath Bennett, Charles Ellison, Jason Williams, Bobby Williams, Butch Williams, Alice Williams, Forest & Wanda Emfinger, Bernice Williams Emfinger, Grant & Susie Seales, Clint Seales and Caitlin Seales. (If I left anyone out please let me know)
Susie Seales, and her daughter Caitlin cleaning the Williams family obelisk
Pieces of the iron fences are missing, here members of the Williams family are reassembling some pieces that were found on the ground and therefore could have rusted much quicker.
We tried to salvage all the pieces of the original head and foot stones that we could. Unfortunately the vandals broke them up into fist size pieces. Here David Dennis and Janette Bailey are placing the stones on the correct graves.
This is all that remains of the original stone for Annie Williams who died at age 2, we only know that these pieces are part of her headstone because they match up with the broken part of her stone still embedded in the concrete.
Nancy Williams, who also died at two years old.
The remains of the headstone for Robert L. Williams
We didn't find any pieces of Sallie L. Williams headstone, these are pieces of her footstone.
On our next workday we'll use forms and lime mortar to attach these pieces to their respective concrete slabs. We'll also be pouring new slabs for several graves. We do have headstones to replace all the broken ones but we want to save as much of their original stones that we can.

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A graduate of Saint Joseph Hospital School of Nursing, Joliet, Ill., Millar later became among the first nurses to earn a Master's of Business Administration degree, when she graduated from Simmons University Graduate School of Administration, Boston.. AACN to provide Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Career to MGH’s Sally Millar The American Association of Critical-Treatment Nurses will present the Marguerite Rodgers Kinney Award for a Distinguished Profession to Sally Millar, RN, MBA. She will receive this Visionary Leadership Award for contributions to AACN's vision and mission in the 2013 National Teaching Institute & Critical Treatment Exposition, Boston, May 18-23. (more…)

Jose Antonio Marin-Neto.

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AMA details problems about payment policy changes for Medicare Part C.

Rather, the AMA suggests, the CMS should work with all Medicare Advantage and Part D sponsors to partner with all of the state-based prescription monitoring programs, or PDMPs, to talk about prescribing information . Modern Healthcare: Medical Society Launches Panel On Doc-Payment Reform The Culture of General Internal Medication has launched the National Commission on Physician Payment Reform, a panel investigating how physicians are paid and how monetary incentives affect patient care. (more…)

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When Clock Springs Forwards.

For several years now, sleep experts have been concerned about sleep deprivation in adolescents. This research unveils a potential additional element that may additional restrict their rest in the early spring, principal investigator Dr. Ana Krieger said in a journal news release. She actually is medical director of the Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Researchers assessed rest in 35 students, average age 16.5 years, on weeknights after the noticeable switch to daylight savings amount of time in March. The teens slept typically 7 hours, 19 minutes a night, that was 32 minutes less than prior to the time change. Teens should get a little more than nine hours of sleep a night, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. (more…)

According to a report in the May 4 issue of JAMA.

Sufferers were treated at 18 outpatient centers in Germany. Patients completed headache diaries from four weeks before to 12 weeks after randomization and from week 21 to 24 after randomization. Related StoriesCalcitonin-gene related peptide antibody inhibition shows migraine prevention promiseNew study offers first clinical recommendations for headache analysis in pregnant womenAlexander Technique or acupuncture can reduce persistent neck painThe researchers found that between baseline and weeks 9 to 12, the common number of times with headache of moderate or severe intensity decreased by 2.2 days from a baseline of 5.2 days in the acupuncture group compared with a decrease to 2.2 days from a baseline of 5.0 days in the sham acupuncture group, and by 0.8 days from a baseline of 5.4 days in the waiting list group. (more…)

CRT indication agreements to develop ADCs against cancer Cancer Research Technology.

ADCT, CRT indication agreements to develop ADCs against cancer Cancer Research Technology , the business arm of Cancer Study UK, and Switzerland-centered ADC Therapeutics Sarl announce today that they have signed agreements to build up cancer treatments called Antibody Drug Conjugates using CRT antibodies and peptides, and ADCT’s ‘warhead’ and linker chemistries. ADCs are an exciting and clinically important course of oncology medicines as they combine the specificity of antibodies with novel ‘warhead’ chemistries. The antibody component targets the malignancy cells to deliver tumour-destroying chemical substances which are internalised into the cancer tumor cell while avoiding damage to healthy tissue. (more…)

Julie Gauthier.

PCR products had been sequenced at the McGill University and Genome Quebec Technology Centre in Montreal , PolyScan , and Mutation Surveyor were used for mutation-recognition analyses. Discovery of Truncating Mutations We identified two sufferers who were heterozygous for nonsense mutations, K138X in Patient 1 and R579X in Patient 2. In addition, we identified a patient who was heterozygous for the mutation c.2438delT, which was predicted to cause a frame shift beginning at codon 813, producing a premature stop codon at position 835 . Each mutation was absent in the DNA samples we obtained from the parents of the affected individuals and in a control group of 190 healthy topics, where all SYNGAP1 exons and intronic junctions had been sequenced. (more…)

House of Representatives on Tuesday narrowly approved a $106 billion war-funding costs.

This article is republished with kind permission from our close friends at The Kaiser Family members Foundation. You can view the complete Kaiser Daily Health Policy Statement, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery of in-depth coverage of wellness policy developments, debates and discussions. The Kaiser Daily Wellness Policy Report is published for, a free services of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Board Firm and Kaiser Family Basis. All rights reserved.. (more…)

Based on polymerase chain response technology.

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