1-800-GOT-MOLD? may also be represented at the International Franchise Expo, managed by the International Franchise Association, in Washington, DC, 9 through 11 April, in booth 435. This is an excellent chance for interested people to get yourself a first-hands glimpse of the business and meet its president, Allen Castleman, and its Canine Executive Officer, Oreo, the dog who started everything.. 1-800-GOT-MOLD? to improve health and well being of all customers Jeremy Sparks joined his dad in the construction business immediately after high school, later forming his own company. After years of achievement in the business, in 2009 2009 he begun to feel the economic slowdown.Helena Hospital in Napa, CA, to recognize if there had been a true shift in nicotine dependence in the last 15 years. Helena Hospital Center for a Smoke-Free Existence , n=204, february 2005 through October 2006 enrolled. The analysis demonstrated that pretreatment FTQ ratings elevated by 12 % over the 15-yr research period: 1989 , 6.72; 1994 , 7.80; and 2006 , 7.80. Also, the proportion of individuals with a high FTQ score elevated 32 % from 1989 to 2006: NPS, 55.5 %; BSRS, 65.5 %; and CSFL, 73.0 %. Although Dr. Sachs and his group identified a definite upsurge in tobacco dependence, the reason behind this increase is unclear still. Previous studies suggest that individuals who’ve less serious nicotine dependence have already been successful at quitting smoking, which leaves a more substantial %age of individuals who are extremely nicotine dependent among the higher tobacco-using community.