5 million stimulus grant for ASCB to develop The Cell: A GRAPHIC Library A $2.

The ASCB grant will support the development of an online reference called The Cell: A GRAPHIC Library. The Library shall become immediately beneficial to a broad selection of research researchers – including cell biologists, geneticists, immunologists, and pathologists. Building on the foundation of its original Picture & Video Library, the ASCB shall transform that very much smaller database into a comprehensive, international digital library. The Library’s images, videos, and animations will become vetted and annotated by scientists, and instantly available and searchable for a wide range of users. By creating a systematic protocol for obtaining, reviewing, annotating, and uploading the images, the ASCB will create an efficient system for building the library at a rapid rate.‘Tessa can be an experienced, finance innovator whose nearly three decades in financial leadership functions at a number of the world's leading multinational corporations can be invaluable toActavisas we continue our development as one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic pharmaceutical companies in the globe,’ saidBrent Saunders,President and ActavisCEO. ‘She will bring extensive experience in global finance, mergers and acquisitions and business advancement, and is widely recognized on her behalf exceptional leadership skills.