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We believe that the true genetic gymnastics, the real intelligence of our bodies, is controlled by small bits of genetic materials that tell genes what to do. Genes will be the chains of deoxyribonucleic acids that encode instructions for the building of proteins, the workhorses that make up your body’s organs and bring its indicators. The Human Genome Task, which reported results in 2001 first, produced a near complete report on the DNA sequences that define all human genes .Discussion To enter focus on cells, HIV-1 requires both CD4 and a coreceptor, predominantly CCR5. Blocking of the preferentially used CCR5 receptor by inhibitors or through gene knockdown conferred antiviral safety to R5-tropic variants.13,14 The homozygous CCR5 delta32 deletion, seen in approximately 1 percent of the white population, offers a natural level of resistance to HIV acquisition. We report a successful transplantation of allogeneic stem cells homozygous for the CCR5 delta32 allele to a patient with HIV. Although discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy typically leads to an instant rebound of HIV load within weeks, in this patient, zero energetic, replicating HIV could be detected 20 months after HAART had been discontinued.15 This observation is remarkable because homozygosity for CCR5 delta32 is connected with high however, not complete resistance to HIV-1.