A nationally known professional in hospital-based palliative care and end-of-life issues.

A regular contributor to the vital care periodical literature, like the American Journal of Critical Care, in 1998 she authored a reserve titled Forgoing Life-Sustaining Therapy: How exactly to Care for the individual Who Is Near Death. Campbell has served on a true quantity of influential committees and job forces to improve treatment of the dying, including the Institute of Medicine, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Robert Timber Johnson Foundation, American Hospital Association, American College of Chest Physicians Suggestions Panel, National Quality National and Forum Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Treatment.Since Alex kept her initial lemonade stand to find a treat for childhood malignancy, ALSF has continued her mission. The building blocks has funded over 125 studies resulting in significant discovery including: the identification of three genes associated with the threat of neuroblastoma; the uncovering of a proteins in Ewing’s sarcoma individuals that may suppress the effects of chemotherapy; and linking mutations in two genes to three-quarters of gliomas nearly. In addition to funding cutting-edge research, ALSF has worked to improve the quality of life for childhood cancer individuals through a nurse researcher system.