Accelerator announces Series A financing of Oncofactor Accelerator Corporation.

Additionally, Dr. Warren joined the Molecular Medicine Plan at the University of Washington, a certificate program designed to train learners to integrate basic research with clinical experiences in human disease. Dr. Warren’s scientific teaching began at Iowa Condition University, where as a National Merit Scholar she double majored in biochemistry and English. During her time at Iowa State, Dr. Warren participated in summertime research programs with the National Science Basis, the National Institutes of Wellness, and the Mayo Clinic. ‘We are very happy to announce our 12th Accelerator expense and are thrilled to observe one of our ISB Accelerator Venture Fellows lead the research work at a portfolio company,’ said Carl Weissman, CEO and Chairman of Accelerator.The 120 approximately,000 CGH probes on the catalog 4x180K arrays contain the International Specifications for Cytogenomic Arrays Consortium’s ( entire 8x60K version probe set and an additional 60,000 backbone probes. The approximately 300,000 CGH probes on the catalog 2x400K array are gene – and exon-biased, focusing protection on the most important parts of the genome. The SurePrint G3 CGH+SNP microarrays utilize the similar high-throughput workflow as the current CGH-only microarrays so they can be simply and effectively incorporated into cytogenetic study.