According to a new clinical statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

AAP offers new guidance on ‘returning to learning’ after concussion A concussion shouldn’t only take a student athlete off the using field – it could also require a break from the classroom, according to a new clinical statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics . In the clinical report, ‘Time for Learning Following a Concussion,’ released Sunday, Oct. 27 at the AAP National Meeting & Exhibition in Orlando, the AAP offers guidance to pediatricians looking after adolescents and children after suffering a concussion. ‘Students appear physically normal after a concussion, so it may be problematic for teachers and administrators to comprehend the level of the child's accidents and understand the potential need for academic adjustments,’ said Tag Halstead, MD, FAAP, a lead writer of the clinical record.‘At $13,000 per patient per year, it is the expense of medications like Reyataz that threatens to bankrupt state programs like ADAP, harming the patients who depend on such applications for the lifesaving medicines they need. ADAP may be the lifeblood for thousands of people with Helps who are uninsured and cannot afford their medications. This cannot continue. BMS should lower the cost of Reyataz instantly.’ AHF has noticed firsthand the impact of high priced AIDS medications like Reyataz. In California, for example, since 2000 the amount of new ADAP clients has only improved by 50 percent, but AIDS drug spending has elevated by 165 percent. New data from a recently available survey released by the National Alliance of State and Territorial Helps Directors concerning the Helps Drug Assistance Plan , supports the need for drug company price cuts.