According to a recently available Danish study of 5.

‘Our study was completed on female participants only, and it must be recognised that there is evidence to claim that women may be more susceptible to some of the genetically dangerous effects of alcohol than guys, perhaps because of differences in unwanted fat to drinking water ratio or liver mass to bodyweight ratio,’ said lead author Dr. Janne Tolstrup, National Institute of Public Health, Denmark. ‘Due to this it would be interesting to examine gender distinctions in the possible effects of alcohol on the advancement of rhinitis.’ ‘Another interesting finding of this research was that smokers had been found to have a decreased risk of seasonal AR, without change to the risk of perennial AR,’ stated Tolstrup.For these patients, alternative treatment options might have substantial limitations, including marginal efficacy, cumbersome routes of administration, side effects, and high cost.1,2 The choice of adding another long-acting inhaled bronchodilator in patients with uncontrolled asthma has been supported by results from recent studies that examined the efficacy of tiotropium, a long-acting anticholinergic bronchodilator approved for the treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease however, not for the treatment of asthma.3,4 Three studies with durations which range from 8 to 16 weeks show the efficacy of the addition of tiotropium in individuals with asthma who were already receiving standard treatment regimens.5-7 The effect of tiotropium had not been evaluated in long-term clinical trials of sufficient duration and power to permit assessment of essential end points, such as for example exacerbation frequency, in individuals with poorly controlled asthma.