According to a report in the May 4 issue of JAMA.

Sufferers were treated at 18 outpatient centers in Germany. Patients completed headache diaries from four weeks before to 12 weeks after randomization and from week 21 to 24 after randomization. Related StoriesCalcitonin-gene related peptide antibody inhibition shows migraine prevention promiseNew study offers first clinical recommendations for headache analysis in pregnant womenAlexander Technique or acupuncture can reduce persistent neck painThe researchers found that between baseline and weeks 9 to 12, the common number of times with headache of moderate or severe intensity decreased by 2.2 days from a baseline of 5.2 days in the acupuncture group compared with a decrease to 2.2 days from a baseline of 5.0 days in the sham acupuncture group, and by 0.8 days from a baseline of 5.4 days in the waiting list group.Doctors retiring early. Small practices bankrupted by up-front expenditures or locked into ineffective systems by the prohibitive cost of switching. Hours consumed by onerous data access unrelated to patient care. Workflow disruptions. And most importantly, massive intrusions on our individual relationships. These complaints may be dismissed as growing pains, born of resistance to change. But transitional chaos must be distinguished from enduring damage. Nevertheless, the researchers found impressive EHR-induced distress. It really is eminently quantifiable and yet stubbornly not.