According to Snyder.

According to Snyder, cell prevented IP6K2 and cell death. However drugs drugs cisplatin and novobiocin bind HSP90 and cause to let go IP6K2 encourage IP6K2 liberate cell death. Our findings could be applied to new cancer drugs that block specifically these HSP90 IP6K2 Interaction Design These medications can be more selective and therefore have fewer side effects ‘than traditional chemotherapies, which can cause all kinds of DNA damage, says Snyder.

Hopkins researchers have can make a previously unknown mechanism of cell death, to find a new way and to develop stronger yet less harmful cancer drugs discovered – Protein Class Displays Strong Anticancer Action. In particular, they have found that a cellular stress response protein prevented from dying by interacting with a particular signaling protein and mediating its response to some conventional anticancer agents. The results appear in the last week Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ‘A major hang-up in cancer chemotherapy is the toxicity of DNA disruption of cell division throughout the body causing Our investigations show that drugs such as cisplatin and novobiocin to kill cells as much from this newly discovered mechanism as any other mechanism of cell death ‘says Solomon H.In the same month 2008, of Costa Rica, signed by President – cicatrix Arias executive decree 34399 the seventeenth stated May as the National Day Against Homophobia. Demands calls for public entities ‘also sponsor and aid measures to eliminate the homophobic. ‘.

Enhance the organization distributing leaflets directs healthcare professional Colombia, handled safely health information and sexual orientation of patient.. Several Latin American countries have introduced new Programme to health services of sexual minorities, including homosexual and transgendered started to enhance, by the Pan American Health Organization . The programs for reducing stigma and discrimination against sexual minorities and focusing be part of the wider efforts of increasing to HIV prevention and treatment of.

Also in the October 2007, in Colombia, has started the Henry Ardila Foundation, this Ministry of Social Security and PAHO fledged communication campaign to control access of homosexual men and sex workers to healthcare, including the HIV testing.