Acupuncture: panacea or placebo?

Acupuncture: panacea or placebo? Acupuncture offers been used for a large number of years and is used by many doctors as a regular component of their clinical practice. However, there continues to be misunderstandings and scepticism regarding just how that acupuncture functions and whether it is of any make use of in treating patients. Here, current use and evidence of efficacy in a genuine number of clinical conditions is reviewed . Although several in six GPs in Australia use acupuncture within their practice, its place in modern medicine continues to be under debate. There is now good experimental proof that acupuncture has physiological effects, especially in the region of analgesia.

Researchers found five weeks of acupuncture treatment reduced the amount of structural abnormalities in sperm and improved the entire number of normal sperm in several men with infertility problems. They state the results suggest that acupuncture may complement traditional infertility remedies and help men reach their full reproductive potential. Related StoriesFEC recognizes Rachel S. Weinerman for receiving 2015 Scientific System Prize Paper AwardChanges in cellular metabolites regulate earliest phases of embryonic stem cell developmentStandard clomiphene treatment much better than proposed option for unexplained fertilityAn estimated 10 percent of guys are infertile, and the male partner is one factor in up to 50 percent of infertile lovers, write the researchers.