Albert Einstein University of Medicine receives $11.

Vijg’s group, another Einstein group can be headed by Yousin Suh, Ph.D., associate professor of medicine, and of genetics. Dr. Suh shall take advantage of a distinctive Einstein re.. Albert Einstein University of Medicine receives $11.2 million NIH grant to review genes connected with longevity Research could lead to interventions to slow agingThe National Institutes of Health has awarded Albert Einstein College of Medication of Yeshiva University a five-year, $11.2 million grant to review the impact of damage to DNA on maturing and disease. Study funded by this grant, and conducted by a consortium of scientists, could reveal the part of genome maintenance systems in delaying aging and will start to explore novel interventions to keep health in later years.Not all U.S. Political leaders and numbers are as misguided and heartless, as reported by Breitbart News: Previous Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who tackled the veterans along with Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee at the ‘Million Veterinarian March,’ stated that during what she said should be known as the ‘federal government slim-down,’ President Obama was showing not only his actual priorities but a ‘shameful’ ‘lack of valor’ and ‘insufficient respect.’ On her behalf Facebook page, rally attendee LaDonna Hale Curzon from Virginia wrote that, prior to Palin’s arrival, there was more shameful behavior on the part of federal officers and regional law enforcement, who she said shifted in and ‘attempted to shut down the function.’ She also wrote that ‘two law enforcement cruisers blocked entrance into the WWII memorial, in order to prevent truckers from arriving from the highway’ and ‘four marked Secret Support vehicles arrived, joining dozens of rules enforcements, who had arrived already, including a SWAT team dressed up in full riot gear.’ All across the Internet Monday, pictures of law enforcement in riot equipment, squad cars and actually armored ‘riot’ automobiles were seen at the event.