Alim Louis Benabid.

Acknowledgement for Critical Research Leading to DBS for Parkinson Disease Dr. DeLong performed early study identifying the mind areas involved in electric motor dysfunction in Parkinson disease. In a pivotal 1990 study in monkeys with an experimental type of Parkinsonism, he showed that putting a lesion in an area known as the subthalamic nucleus produced striking, nearly instant improvement in engine function. At around the same time, Dr. Benabid found that applying high-rate of recurrence stimulation of the thalamus could suppress tremors. The result was completely reversible, accomplished without destroying any human brain tissue. This important discovery changed the course of practical neurosurgery, Dr.We are impressed with Adeona’s demonstrated capability to operate effectively and decisively and we believe these qualities will serve both parties well as we navigate through the drug development process and commercialization, mentioned Glenn Nedwin, President, Human Therapeutics Division at Intrexon. Under terms of the agreement: Subject to the pre-approval of the NYSE Amex, Adeona will issue to Intrexon at $0.001 par value per share, 3,123,558 shares of its common stock, representing 9.995 percent of Adeona’s issued and outstanding shares following and after taking into account such issuance; Adeona provides agreed to issue to Intrexon the same number of extra shares of its common stock at $0.001 par value per share, representing an additional 9.995 percent, upon dosing of the first patient in an Adeona-sponsored U.S.