Allergic angioedema the most common type.

Taking medication Less commonly, these type of angioedema of bupropion, SSRI antidepressants, COX – II inhibitors, NSAIDs, statins, and proton pump inhibitors may result. Check angioedema drug is rare. Idiopathic angioedema – Idiopathic means we’re not sure what the cause is. Experts say that an infection, caffeine, over-heating, C1-esteraseg tight clothing, alcohol and bring it to. It can also be a thyroid problem, iron and vitamin B12 deficiency are caused. Hereditary angioedema – the patient has inherited a defective gene . Urticaria is very rare with this type of angioedema. This is the rarest type. Blood levels of the protein C1-esterase inhibitor are low. C1 1NH protein plays an important role in regulating the immune system. In this type of angioedema symptoms develop gradually rather than quickly.

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