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Genaera closed researchers that treatment with MSI – 1436 leads to a significant improvement in glucose tolerance and reducing plasma insulin levels in diet-induced obese mice and improves fasting blood glucose and glucose tolerance in hyperglycemic animal models, and that these effects are in the course of remained intact anti anxiety medication list . In one study researchers reported that four weekly treatments of MSI-1436 administered to DIO mice out significant reductions in to plasma insulin levels. Additionally showed hyperglycemic mice treated with weekly doses of MSI-1436 for 122 days, that the significant improvements in glucose tolerance can be maintained as measured by oral glucose tolerance tests during prolonged therapy. The scientists concluded that the anti-diabetic properties of MSI-1436 improves insulin sensitivity, lowering of plasma insulin levels included and lasting improvements in fasting blood glucose and glucose tolerance. – This encouraging preclinical studies strong basic research strong basic research support for and direction for our efforts to to explore MSI-1436 as a therapy for type 2 diabetes continues, said Jack Armstrong, President and Chief Executive Officer of Genaera. Our latest Investigational New Drug application for type – 2 diabetes runs now in effect and the positive metabolic data from our first completed Phase 1 trial in obesity, we are on our strategy to maximize the potential of the MSI evaluate evaluate to both affect type – 2 diabetes and obesity, .

About trodusquemine is a central and peripheral trodusquemine acting appetite suppressant and the first highly selective inhibitor of protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B . PTP-1B is a central controlling function of the two signal paths leptin and insulin. Through the inhibition of PTP-1B -1436-1436 is expected to decrease the appetite and normalize blood glucose levels. Trodusquemine has produced consistent, sustainable weight loss in a number of animal models and appears to overcome metabolic readjustment to what often limits sustained weight loss during caloric restriction. In addition, the ability trodusquemine associated comorbidities with obesity such as abnormal glucose metabolism and cholesterol elevation to reverse has shown.

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