ASAM problems white paper to halt medical marijuana use Citing the risks of marijuana.

We do not recognize this as a ‘medication,’ having not gone through an official FDA-approval process. As experts in addiction medication, we reject featuring its make use of as such foisted upon us to effectively regulate a non-FDA-approved chemical to manage as medicine. We also advise doctors against recommending it, as it is, and forsaking the Hippocratic Oath of ‘first do no harm possibly.’ Currently, laws in 15 claims and the District of Columbia permit the usage of so-called medical marijuana. This has resulted in a patchwork program that lacks the patient safeguards normally associated with the appropriate clinical usage of psychoactive substances, ASAM plan asserts.Now, the gaffe made this week by Todd Akin, the GOP Senate applicant in Missouri who primarily asserted that women acquired biological defenses to avoid pregnancy from a ‘genuine rape,’ has given Democrats a burst of energy heading in to the final a few months of the campaign. ‘This is actually the Republicans’ worst nightmare. These were hoping to define the marketing campaign as a discussion about careers and the economy, and now it’s turned into a debate over abortion rights,’ stated Ken Warren, a political scientist at St. Louis University. ‘It hurts severely the Republicans’ potential for winning back again the Senate’ .