Avoid sharing towels and hygiene items.

– Avoid sharing towels and hygiene items; – minimizing the hand-eye contact; – washing your hands thoroughly before and after contact with eyes, – you can avoid eye droppers, eye medications, eye makeup and other items into contact into contact with the eyes.Swimmers practice practice healthy swimming behaviors to prevent the spread of diseases in swimming pools: – persons who have infectious diseases, especially if with diarrhea, red-eye syndrome or hand-foot prevent oral enter the enter the pool area;not swallow pool water;take a shower before swimming and wash your hands go to the toilet or diapers; – children bathroom breaks bathroom breaks.Patients with symptoms of acute conjunctivitis is recommended: – seek the early treatment by doctors; – stop children attending day care centers, schools or workplaces prior to recovery; – correctly disposed products contaminated eyes and secretions to prevent the transmission of infections;..

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