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Biosimilar hGH products originated in the U.S., Korea and Australia, however, is set in terms of regulatory approval of biosimilar products relatively established in the EU area. The year 2006 witnessed an influx of generic competition in the hGH market, the first biosimilar later this year later this year, followed by a similar approval in the U.S. In the next year. With the advent of biosimilars in the market and looming patent expirations for of some of the leading market position drugs, began the development of long-acting hGH products gather steam from producers of original drugs.

Virtually all prescription growth hormone products available in the market are similar in terms of their clinical effect. Most of the uncertainties in approved indications reflect the views sought by the respective manufacturer for approval. In relation to the supply, most of the existing products are required to be administered almost daily, while certain products need to be administered three times a week.

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