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Coli bacteria, the primary cause of most urinary tract infections in humans, used to form biofilms. This strain of E. Coli is covered with small hair-like projections known as fimbriae, such as hooks and the latch on cells that the urinary tract. When enough of the virulent bacteria, cells are attached, to form a biofilm and cause an infection. Previous work by Camesano laboratory has shown that exposure to cranberry juice causes the fimbriae to cuddle on E. Coli, which. Its ability to attach to urinary tract cells..

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cranberries for their health benefits for a number of years, particularly have been recognized in the prevention of urinary tract infections, the authors write in the new paper roll. While the mechanisms of action of cranberry products on bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation are not fully understood. This study shows that cranberry juice is better at inhibiting biofilm formation than isolated A – type cranberry flavonoids and PACs that although reasons for this are not yet clear..Using novel lipids to bear therapeutic genes directly in the cancer cells.

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