Caroline Robert.

All responses were confirmed with a scan at least four weeks after the first RECIST response. Adverse occasions were graded by the investigator, based on the National Tumor Institute Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events, version 4.0, until day 30 following the discontinuation of research treatment. Study Oversight The analysis was funded by the sponsor, GlaxoSmithKline, and conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki and Good Clinical Practice guidelines. The protocol was authorized by the institutional review board or human research ethics committee at each research center. Data were collected in each scholarly study site and monitored by the sponsor. The first writer wrote the initial draft of the manuscript, with support from the last writer and representatives of the sponsor.In trial 2, a total of 502 females were randomly designated to a study treatment, 500 of whom began the assigned treatment . Characteristics of Individuals in Trial 1 Baseline characteristics of the participants in trial 1 were similar between your two treatment groups . The median baseline CD4+ count was 139 cells per cubic millimeter, the median HIV-1 RNA level was 5.15 log10 copies per milliliter, and the median time since the last exposure to single-dose nevirapine was 17 months . All individuals reported prior treatment with single-dose nevirapine, and 73 percent had written documentation of such treatment.