Continue if the current strategies and trends click to read more.

Continue if the current strategies and trends, from 2008 to 2027 annual Medicaid long-term care expenditures are expected to grow by 124 percent from $ 51 click to read more .5 billion to $ 115,000. In 2008, fifteen states are expected to spend $ 1 billion in Medicaid long-term care services. By 2027, 25 states will expenditures $ 1 billion or more are.

AHIP recently launched a national education campaign to help consumers risks risks need long-term care and the valuable financial protection long-term care insurance provides. The campaign is aimed at common misconceptions about long-term care to correct to answer consumer questions, and highlight the important financial protection and peace of mind that the long-term care insurance provides. The heart of the campaign is a consumer – friendly website.

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Dynavax Forward-Looking StatementThis news release contains ‘forward-looking statements,’including assess statements concerning our plans the regulatory option to HEPLISAV and the timing of these assessment, the prospects of HEPLISAV and determining if further clinical development of HEPLISAV are be carried out, and In If made, if any additional development of may to be a partnership or funding, and of our planned year-end cash position of. And actual results may set from those set in this news release due to risk and uncertainties in our Annual, including difficulties or delays in development of, initiate and conduct of clinical trials, the results of clinical studies and the effects of this results and conduct of and conduct of subsequent studies have and issues that, situated in regulatory process, of scope and validity of patent protection and of the possibility Listed claims against us basic to the Pat rights of others, our ability to to obtain additional financing to help our operations, and other contingencies in the ‘Risk Factors’our Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q. Us assume no obligation to revise or update information contained herein to reflect events or circumstances in the future thinking even if new information is received.