Development of the sensor was no easy undertaking for one thing.

Right for the application Building the delicate column structure of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research IFAM developed in Bremen is no less tricky: The researchers press liquid plastic of 2000 of 2000 into a negative mold and allow it to harden it. It is a challenge to create the desired shape, with its 250,000 micron-sized holes. A low-cost production of ‘Cell Force Sensor to allow in the future, the researchers use commercially available plastics and well-established techniques from chip manufacture. The first ‘ Cellforce ‘prototype is in one year.. Development of the sensor was no easy undertaking for one thing, the columns. In such a way in such a way that living cells are happy to move across their tips.

It is the task of the original biological tests will show different cell types different cell types. Analysis of cell movement is for many applications important, says Danz. It could be considered whether bone cells populate successfully implant, or be heals as well a wound. .. The sensor is the result of an EU project. It consists of a smooth surface, which, with 250,000 tiny plastic columns of only five micrometers in diameter These columns are fakir bed is full of nails.Blood glucose tests as a critical piece of diabetes self – management system that it is important to easy tests as comfortable and pain free as possible of people with diabetes, said Jo Butler, a nurse and nursing consultant, in Wandsworth Primary Care Trust, United Kingdom. The design functionality out of FreeStyle Mini one active patient population with a meter that discreetly and provides almost painless tests. .

On diabeticAll countries it is estimated that 177000000 adults have diabetes.1 This is around 5, advanced technologies adults population.2 diabetic is today one of most common non – communicable diseases globally.3 It is a fourth or fifth leading cause of death in most developed nations is and there is substantial evidence that there pandemic at numerous developing and emerging countries nations.4 expected to by the onset of diabetes will continue to grow, more people need to rotate of glucose monitoring systems their blood sugar level their blood sugar levels.

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