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Contact: Amber Kleopfer Senseny 317-278-4510Detailed Miles for Myeloma route information:Saturday 1st October Miles for Myeloma Send-Off Celebration – 8 – 09.00 clock by IU Medical Group at Carmel Sponsored patients and their families will be in attendance to wish all the best Abonour as he begins his journey in Fort Wayne. Abonour north on State Road 37 travels through Elwood IU Medical Group in Carmel at the 103rd and Meridian Streets on the north side of Indianapolis.

Patients and others support of this event soliciting pledges and sponsorships from individuals and companies are at the Indiana University at the Indiana University Cancer Center. Can support Miles for Myeloma gifts to be made at 317-278-4510 by contacting Amber Kleopfer Senseny.

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