Fabrizio De Benedetti.

Opportunistic tuberculosis and infection were not reported. The rate of significant adverse occasions per patient-year was 0.23 during the double-blind stage and 0.25 cumulatively. Adverse events resulted in the discontinuation of tocilizumab in 6 patients , including 2 in whom withdrawal was mandated by the process because of increased aminotransferase amounts). Three episodes of the macrophage activation syndrome were reported, all of which resolved . Three deaths happened during tocilizumab treatment : a 17-year-old boy, with long-standing up disease and severe growth retardation, who experienced a JIA ACR 90 response, died from suspected tension pneumothorax at week 50 suddenly; another individual died from accidents sustained in a traffic incident at week 90; and the third passed away from probable streptococcal sepsis at week 104 of treatment.The recurrent nature of the G84E change and a reported lack of any truncating mutations in HOXB13 in patients with prostate cancer suggest a carcinogenic mechanism that is more consistent with an increase of function than with a loss of function . Both deletions29 and amplifications30 of 17q21 have been defined in prostate-tumor specimens. However, such analyses need to be performed in tumors from known HOXB13 G84E carriers. Multiple research show the prostate specificity of high-level HOXB13 expression, which expression appears to be maintained in the development and progression of prostate tumor.31 Our preliminary analyses indicate that tumors in G84E carriers continue to express HOXB13 and maintain the mutant allele .