Filligent designed the BioMask to withstand the rigors of pandemic logistics

Filligent designed the BioMask to withstand the rigors of pandemic logistics. Apart from being as affordable as standard masks, it is antifungal and extreme conditions, including humidity, heat and cold resistant. It is flat-packed and can be surge manufactured . Cell membrane. With Australian distributors and retailers together to the BioMask and our other anti-infective agents out, people as soon as possible. ‘ – About the BioMask.

BioMask Face Mask, that the swine flu kills prepared for Australian Pandemic Fightwith a four-fold increase in swine flu cases in the last week, Filligent is the Australian-led biotech companies, the mobilization of shares in the infectives BioMask to contribute to combating the spread of influenza A in Australia. The BioMask is the first medical face mask to kill the Influenza A virus within seconds of contact while retaining the breathability of front-line employees and children, who often need the first to fall in a contagious episode. CEO Melissa Mowbray – d’Arbela says. We are allocating our resources to respond to in Australia. BioMask was designed specifically for situations like this. .

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