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Some believe that result these circulating cancer cell metastasis, the transfer of cancer from one place to another in the body. CTCs are very rare, less than 10 cells in a milliliter of blood that their methods very difficult to detect and identify common. The ApoCell technology is very sensitive in selecting these circulating tumor cells, because it is based on cell morphology– – fundamental differences in form and structure between healthy cells and cancer cells. By exposing the patient’s blood sample to a low level of the electric field of varying frequencies, viable,logy enables ApoCell separation of cancer cells, based on their inherent characteristics different from all other cells.

Propionate. Public sector and industry unite to obesity and heart disease attack’The role of short chain fatty acids in the body weight, appetite and insulin sensitivity, ‘Professor Gary Frost, Imperial College London, Douglas Morrison, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, Catriona Tedford, University of West Scotland. The fall in consumption of non – digestible carbohydrates as plant polysaccharides and resistant starches, the rise in obesity are linked. NDC to reduce appetite and improve body weight and insulin sensitivity. Short-chain fatty acids by the fermentation of NDC may be colon colon these effects, but these effects, but not required, the high doses of NDC, to cause these effects are not Recently a modern diet.This finding is based balanced by a joint research project by Prof. Minokoshi, unit in endocrinology and metabolism , Prof. Yada, Division of Integrative Physiolosy the Department of Physiology and Professor Mori, Graduate School of Engineering .

Elucidation of the mechanisms of insulin the development of diabetes the development of diabetes therapy. The research group TRPM2 as body temperature sensors focused.. Diabetes mellitus is an with by shortage of insulin secretion from pancreatic cells and , or few depending upon the secreted of insulin , which casts the blood glucose level was, and a a result, cause serious disease. There it is said that least 171 million people worldwide suffer diabetes mellitus, and their incidence is increasing rapidly.