Foundation Appoints New Board Member Leadership last longer.

Foundation Appoints New Board Member Leadership, members of last longer . ASCO Cancer Foundation named Martin J. TACF new Chairman of the the Board of Directors Murphy will assume his new role on the Board of Trustees in January 2010.

All three physicians have had an active role at ASCO and TACF committees. Murphy is currently on the Foundation Board of Directors Committee until 2011 and most recently at the Foundation Nominating Committee. Murphy has ASCO ASCO publications and International Affairs committees. Schilsky is the Immediate Past President of ASCO and currently lives on ASCO Board of Directors Executive Committee. He has. Also ASCO Cancer Communications Committee, Cancer Research Committee, Nomination Committee and Special Awards Committee Also a member of the ASCO Board of Directors Committee is Dr. Marsland on clinical practice and ASCO Cancer Research Committee and previously at ASCO’s Finance Committee. Murphy received his Ph.D. From New York University in 1969. He held fellowships at the Institute of Pathology Cellulaire in Paris which, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research in Manchester, England In 1975, John Curtain School of Medical Research in Canberra, Australia.

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