In a joint statement on International Womens Day tomorrow.

500,000 access to Cervical Cancer Treatment for all women and girlsA comprehensive prevention strategy for reducing the threat of cervical cancer for for by the World Medical Association and the Medical Women’s International Association.In a joint statement on International Women’s Day tomorrow, the two organizations demand action for women and girls around the world have equal access to high-quality prevention and treatment options for cervical cancer and say, are that such a strategy should be Screening Mark and vaccination.

The World Medical Association has the independent association of national medical associations from more than 80 countries and represents more than eight million doctors. On behalf of patients and physicians, seeks the WMA to the highest possible standards of medical care, education and health in the context of human rights for all people distance.

Are the most common types of HPV vaccination vaccination, although there is currently no treatment available , could cure an HPV infection. HPV vaccine, therefore, had the potential to significantly reduce the prevalence of cervical cancer, although it is not eradication. Jon Snaedal, President of the WMA, said: ‘Medical associations in in this strategy in the information about HPV vaccine available doctors and doctors to to encourage their patients carefully to this innovation.Saying 32 of you, they bought chicks and ducks, and had receipts with manufacturer specific information. You bought the chicks and ducks in their own backyards in their backyards of producing either eggs or of meat, or to keep as pets.

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Currently, too many women are die receive can not get on the basic health bodies can save their lives, and the life of their babies. – State for Trade and Development, Gareth Thomas , said today:.