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In one part of the study, trout exposed to relatively small amounts of a known carcinogen, but also given chlorophyll. As a result, the number of liver tumors was reduced by 29-64 per cent and 24-45 per cent by gastric tumors. But in another part of the study, using much higher doses and unrealistic same carcinogen that causes the use of chlorophyll, a significant increase in the number of tumors.

‘The central assumption of such experiments is that the intervention effects at high carcinogen dose will apply equally at lower doses cause cancer,’the researchers report report. ‘Contrary to the usual assumption, the results in the major target organ were strikingly dependent on carcinogen dose. ‘.. OSU experts turned in recent years pioneers in the use of rainbow trout as a model for biomedical research, in part, because responding to the fish in a similar way that of rodents, but also because scientists thousands of them – thousands of them – instead of dozens or hundreds of mice. And experiments that possible possible.

Can help cancer – tested A recent study at Oregon State University found that chlorophyll provides protection in green vegetables against are found are found against the modest carcinogen exposure are most likely but but study raises other questions .

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