Injuries Tied to Illegal Meth Labs on the Rise: CDC: THURSDAY.

In 2001-2004, 75 % of meth lab-linked injuries required medical center care. By 2008-2012, that true quantity had increased to 90 %, the study found. And, the researchers found that two adults died from meth lab incidents – – one, who may have been a meth make, was found dead in a meth laboratory; the next was a statutory law enforcement officer, the researchers said. Along with the 42 police who were injured, seven firefighters sustained accidental injuries in meth lab-related incidents also, the study noted. With regards to the types of injuries sustained, burns led the list followed by respiratory issues , the researchers found.Access selects BioScrip while exclusive support and distribution partner for MuGard Gain access to PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. , a biopharmaceutical business focusing on products for cancer and supportive treatment, announced today it offers signed a special specialty distribution contract with BioScrip because of its lead item, MuGard – – an FDA-authorized, ready-to-make use of mucoadhesive oral wound rinse for the administration of oral mucositis, a debilitating side effect of radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. is a national service provider of specialty pharmacy and house care products and services that companions with patients, physicians, hospitals, healthcare payors and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide clinical management delivery and solutions of cost-effective usage of prescription medications.