It could not be determined from JUPITER.

JUPITER included only people with high C-reactive protein and none of the participants they had see if they had evidence of calcium in their coronary arteries. Blaha says, it could not be determined from JUPITER, whether people with low C-reactive protein in the same manner of statin therapy, or as the presence of coronary calcium can benefit have affected the results.

Blaha and colleagues identified a group of participants in MESA, had the high C-reactive protein and fit the criteria for JUPITER. The researchers also a group selected from the MESA low levels of C-reactive protein had. To compare were able to compare directly, the prognostic significance of coronary calcium C-reactive protein.. In their study, the researchers determined that high levels of C-reactive protein in the blood, a score at or above 2 milligrams per liter, offered little predictive value after accounting for such risk factors as age, gender, ethnicity, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, Smoking and a family history of heart disease.

All the participants in the MESA study had coronary CT scanning, as calcium scoring test subject known.Almost a third of the participants investigate within less frequent physical activity not change their type surgery accumulate is less than daily workout daily training and after surgery.

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