Its also no secret that many booze-heavy movies are geared toward a younger target audience.

If a recent CDC reportis any indication, some of these teens may develop up to drink much more. A 2012 study discovered 38 million U.S. Adults binge beverage, and college-age Us citizens were found to drink an average of nine drinks if they bing. Binge drinking can result in 54 health threats, the CDC says, including liver disease, accidents, car crashes, and transmitted diseases sexually. The CDC has even more on teen drinking.. Alcohol in movies ups teens’ odds to drink It’s not unusual to see a movie with characters who drink or get drunk.Furthermore, cross-contamination from flexible endoscopes has been recognized by the ECRI Institute, an unbiased organization that researches patient quality and safety, as a leading health hazard. Annually between 15 and 20 million endoscopy techniques are carried out with reusable endoscope products to screen various components of a patient's GI tract. These devices allow healthcare providers to investigate the surface of the organ and identify problems such as for example polyps or cancer of the colon. Duodenoscopes, gastroscopes, and colonoscopes examine the duodenum – or the first section of the tiny intestine, the stomach, and the colon, respectively.