James amino acid levels are now normal.

James amino acid levels are now normal, despite a normal protein intake, indicating that his new liver properly metabolize the amino acids used accumulate in his body. Susan Jasin said Jakob transplant changed her life forever. When parents of children with parents of children with MSUD mourn the loss of her child, I knew then I could not bear it, Jacob I lose could not see, because he ate accidentally too many french fries him suffering brain damage, because it because he little cold little cold, said Susan Jasin, Jakob Mother. We knew transplant surgery had risks, but the alternative was a life the branched chain could end at any moment for my son. I could not bear to live like that. .

MSUD is a metabolic disorder which causes amino acids from proteins, to accumulate in the body a toxic a toxic effect, and a swelling of the brain, neurological damage and death. MSUD derives its name from the sweet smell of urine.

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