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Yi-Min Chen. The associates included a PhD pupil – Ms Chin-Chiu Lin and two other master college students, Mr. Chun-Wei Mr and Tseng. Tsung-Yuan Chen. They uncovered native strains of docosahexaenoic acid -rich microalgae, and developed a successful extraction treatment of DHA, that could be seen as a breakthrough in human development and healthcare in medicine. DHA is commonly referred to as some sort of fish essential oil . It is a significant nutrient for advancement and growth of individual, animal and fish.Ahead of Nov. Elections, Hill GOP shelves ‘big-ticket’ legislation Party leaders are focusing on calming their divided ranks, The Washington Post reports. The Washington Post: Congressional Republicans Are Focused On Calming Their Divided Ranks After a tumultuous week of party infighting and leadership stumbles, congressional Republicans are focused on calming their divided ranks in the full months ahead, mainly by touting proposals which have wide backing within the GOP and shelving any big-ticket legislation for all of those other year. Comprehensive immigration reform, taxes reform, tweaks to the federal health care law – – bipartisan offers on each are most likely dead in the water for the rest of the Congress. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., went to New Hampshire and had some tough words and phrases for Democrats – The Associated Press: Issa Rails Against Obama's 'Imperial Presidency' As chairman of the home Oversight and Authorities Reform Committee, [Rep.