Marr proposed that the layer uses a sparse coding scheme to sensory stimuli.

In other words, the cells retain their activity is low in order to ensure that they are sensitive to any type of feeling that will remain is removed. – Paul Chadderton says. ‘We look forward to the first evidence of a theory born provide thirty years, is attenuated, that the activity in granule cells of the cerebellum is the brain’s ability to maximize to the many different feelings represent ‘Neuroscience can now forward with this technique not only to a better understanding of the brain, but ultimately suffering from movement disorders to help, the more we understand about cell signaling, the better we get at targeting drugs in complex parts of the brain. ‘.. Marr proposed that the layer uses a sparse coding scheme to sensory stimuli, wherein the firing rate of the cells is to increase the number of different patterns of sensory input be shown be shown maximize by the cerebellum represent favorable.

Scientists still know very little about how the cerebellum makes his job.

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