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Alcon is the global innovator in eye care, offering the widest spectral range of eye maintenance systems across medical, pharmaceutical and vision treatment. Loiterman, Vice President and General Manager of Bruker’s Stylus and Optical Metrology Business in Tucson, Arizona. ‘We are confident that the many innovative enhancements on the ContourGT 3D microscope platform, like the increased brightness dual HB-LED source of light, lower industry and noise-floor leading 64-bit Vision64 software program with parallel processing, will meet Alcon’s challenging metrology requirements,’ commented Andrew Masters, Vice President of Strategic Advertising and Business Development of Bruker’s Nano Surfaces Division.. Drug and Alcohol misuse fuels Scottish suicide and homicide rates Alcohol and drug misuse mean Scots are almost doubly more likely to kill or take their personal life compared to people surviving in England and Wales, monday research published, 16 reveals June.In one study, infantile rats subjected to alcoholic beverages in the womb drank a lot more of it in youth but not in adulthood. These were the offspring of dams, or mother rats, from one of three experimental organizations: ethanol-uncovered via the mother’s diet at amounts simulating moderate to heavy drinking; pair-matched controls that ate the same amounts as ethanol exposed-dams to regulate for any aftereffect of under-nutrition; and controls that ate freely.