Mrs Hay was found hanged in her home in Arthington.

Mrs Hay was found hanged in her home in Arthington, near Leeds, in September last year. Her husband what Toxicology Professor Alistair Hay believes Prozac helped his wife’s death -. Healy told the inquest clinical trials for clinical trials for Prozac and the records of Mrs. Hay case. – He said: On the balance of probabilities the drug helped her suicide, and they may not have committed suicide if it is not on this medication.

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Ms Hay ‘s husband had been wiped off the tears as he told the Leeds inquest how he discovered his wife’s body.Professor Hay, an expert in chemical and biological warfare and a professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Leeds, told the inquest he thought she died because she was going Prozac..It’s can slip due to menopauseThe study also revealed a drop in the attention abilities among these women. Our job suggests that it will something that – there’s something for their symptoms It might not his memories, she said. . But is a cognitive process, of the type of things which just had just experienced. .

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