New therapies in the hard-to -treat cancers.

– new therapies in the hard-to -treat cancers, including lung and pancreatic cancer – the role of the infectious bacteria and aids in the development of cancer; – basic research on the role of microRNAs and cancer stem cells – the effects of socioeconomic factors on cancer prognosis, – new information about the ways to prevent cancer before it starts, and – practice changing diagnostic methods.

‘This study is nothing short of a breakthrough – not only does it produce a new drug to fight the spread of HIV, but it also shows us how we on the scale on the scale needed to make it in get to the need it most need it most, ‘said Gerald Weissmann, Editor – in-Chief of the FASEB Journal. ‘Unlike their unregulated counterparts in the dietary supplement industry, the scientists are using the engines of nature to pharmaceuticals, the extensive safety and efficacy testing long is subjected before the first gel or cream administered, must produce.Researcher reports that fragile X gene, referred the FMR1, It is possible for in embryonic stem cells, however, was does not at iPS cells. ‘We saw any difference between iPS and embryonic stem, although they the same mutation,’said Nissim Benvenisty, director of the Stem Cell Unit from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lead author of this study.

It is possible to that other genes is well escape to the reprogramming process resulting in IPSCs. ‘Our findings can emphasize a general feature in epigenetic differences among human embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem, ‘said Benvenisty. ‘Until we be understood better the differences between those two kinds of cells, the optimal approach to human genetic disorders with either system to model wherever possible. ‘ Professor Peter Andrews the coordinator of ESTOOLS and Director of of the Center for Stem Cell Biology from the University of Sheffield said: ‘These results group group made Nissim Benvenisty in that human ES cells and iPS cells be additional instruments to in some instances may have different insights into fundamental sickness process give.