Opened with a message of good wishes from Stefano Manservisi.

Opened with a message of good wishes from Stefano Manservisi, EC Director General of Development sent the meeting in the Conference Centre Borschette was held.

The next two meetings of the TTF for sub-Saharan Africa for 22 September and planned before the end of November to be held in Europe and Africa with the operational support of the WHO.The final report the TTF for sub-Saharan Africa before the end of of this year should be available and it should be submitted to the African Ministers the policy making process the policy making process.‘This study researchers used data from 2006 on alcohol use among 18 – to 20 – year-old who named as part of an big national studies of the American Consumer topic was collected.. Researchers identified a total of 13,513 advertising of alcohol in the 118 samples newspapers during this five year study period. During 23, The question of advertising of alcoholic beverages non-youth/adult seemed in newspapers with high youth unemployment readers, 42.9 percent of the Show have for young alcohol types of beverages located at to the same magazines.


Research at Boston University School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health , and the Virtual Media Resources, which carried out the study – published in the latest edition of Journal of Adolescent Health – say present their findings the most powerful notes that alcohol is businesses target adolescents carried magazine advertising.. Alcoholic drinks are popular with teens likely in magazines by high youth unemployment rates readers a alcoholic drinks consumed main of adults to be advertised that disproportionately high youth unemployment exposure to such directed advertising of alcohol, after new degree.

They note to three major associations representing Liquor beverage industry – that Wine Institute, that Beer Institute, and to Spirits Board of United States – have said publicly that them not recruit at age youths.