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Government MIGHT USE Legal Efforts To Power Parents To Get Children Immunized, Wellness Ministry Spokesman Says Kaggwa said the government might use the legislation to rein in parents who do not get their kids immunized during the campaign, Ultimate Media/UGPulse.com reports. We are considering resorting to the law to compel parents to take their kids for immunization, Kaggwa stated . Refusing to immunize a baby infringes its right to health and at the same time exposes other children to infections . Related StoriesWHO officials hope to eradicate polio by 2024Measles vaccination plays crucial role in reducing kid mortalityGlobal Health Film Festival programme published for 30 and 31 OctoberAfter the campaign started, [t]housands of parents from around the united states jammed immunisation centres and rushed their children to receive polio and measles vaccines, New Vision reports.Weighed against other ethnic groupings, African-Americans have the highest incidence of lung tumor, highest mortality price, and lowest 5-year survival rate connected with lung cancers. Lung Cancer Initiatives An increase in federal funding for national, statewide, and community-structured initiatives that focus on disease prevention, particularly in the areas of tobacco prevention and cessation, is needed in order to make a significant effect on morbidity and mortality associated with lung cancer.