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President Obama: The national issue Obama has, is the health care reform in the coming weeks and that he would learn if he defied is on her way is on his way to victory o reports of his presidency of the missions . are passed the sake of health reform during his first year in office, will Obama and his administration behind on a firmer political and intellectual basis for debate than in previous efforts and implement an aggressive the efforts to efforts to pursue the issue on hold, says politico (Cummings, political.

Television advertising: Unlike 1994, when the Harry and TV ads doom of the Clinton administration helped reform efforts Politico health care reform ads are now in support of of an overhaul and an opportunity for different stakeholders a seat at the table, politically reports. According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group, special interest groups, candidates and another $ 538,000 spent on health reform ads in 2007 and 2008, compared with $ 20 million in 1994. However, Politico reports that the time of the most feel-good messaging is now over as legislators closer to the introduction of legislation, the real consequences for those involved received (Frates, political.

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