Protein that could lead to the development of HIV vaccines

Checked. Protein that could lead to the development of HIV vaccines, New Treatments, study saysThe discovery of a protein known as FOX03a, in the core of the CD4+ T cells could result in the development of of an HIV vaccine and new treatments one study found that reported recently in the online edition of the journal Nature Medicine, Toronto Globe and Mail published .

The study Rafick-Pierre Sekaly of the University of Montreal, and colleagues at the McGill University Health Center and San Diego, Calif.-based BD Biosciences compared to HIV-negative men, HIV-positive men undergoing antiretroviral therapy and HIV-positive men, be able to be able to HIV without antiretroviral or elite controller were checked. The study found that the elite controllers capable of a viral load below the limit of detection were without suppressing drugs because their immune systems maintained reported her memory through the control of FOX03a protein, the Globe and Mail.

Smaill the initial financial support for the study was done the Centre for Gene Therapeutics, for Jack Gauldie, and of the Michael G. DeGroote institutions for Infectious Disease Research, either at McMaster University.

The announcement of the new TB vaccine trial is in line with World TB Day on Tuesday, In If to be health authorities and scientists around the world awareness of the need for new TB vaccines.