Reaction Roberta Riley.

Reaction Roberta Riley, an attorney, which the plaintiffs, called the ruling a ‘big push backwards for women’s health,’adding that contraceptives are part of the basic health care for women. James Barnes, a spokesman for Union Pacific, said the company is pleased with the verdict. He added that , and the company that contraceptives began last year after Smith Camp ruling party and had no plans to terminate coverage, according to the AP / Chronicle invite to expand concerned.

According to the AP / Chronicle, the judges wrote in their ruling that because Union Pacific Health Plan does not apply to male contraceptive, such as condoms and vasectomy, contraception coverage provided Judge women no less favorable than that provided to men. Judge Kermit Bye gave a dissenting opinion, saying that the policy is discriminatory although gender neutral, because men can not become pregnant. Bye added that Union Pacific Health Plan some preventative medication for men used covers and contraception can be used as part of the women’s health care to be considered. Judgment will reports binding in the 8th Circuit, Louis Post-Dispatch. Judgment applies only to contraceptives prescribed for family planning and not for contraceptive use for medical reasons, according to Amy Monahan, associate professor of law at the University of Missouri – Columbia (Patrick Louis Post-Dispatch..Richard Jones, Consultant, Mental Health and Community law, Morgantown Cole Solicitors, honing President of, Institute of Mental Health Practitioner;. This is a Press release by the UK Department of Health be Crown copyright 2005?