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– According to Statistics Canada, more than five million Pap tests are in Canada in Canada.For more information: – Canadian Cancer Society – Cancer Care Ontario: – information on HPV: – information on Pap tests, especially for teenagers:.

– in 2008, an estimated 1,300 new cases of cervical cancer, and an additional 380 women from from the disease1 – most women who develop cervical cancer, is not in the three years prior to their diagnosis shielded. By approximately 60 percentCancer deaths fell by approximately 60 percent in the last 30 years, mainly due to Pap test screening programs. 3.Other Yale authors and on that degree enclosed James Dziura, Tania S. Burgert, William V. Tamborlane, Taksali, Catherine W. Karin Allen, Melinda Lopes, Maryland Savoye.

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