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Today, the American people collectively receive more money from the government than they pay out in taxes. And remember, the government uses our money to build roads, examine our fund and food the military aswell. Just what exactly does this say about our overall economy? Could it survive without most of these debt-fueled transfer obligations? And what does this state about our society? At onetime, our country was known for our Protestant function ethic. Today What would our forefathers claim about us? Listed below are 21 details that prove that reliance on the government is out of control in the us. 1. Regarding to a Congressional Budget Office study.. 21 Specifics That Prove That Dependence On The Government Is Out Of Control In America Story by Michael Snyder, republished from past year, 2.2 million people in developing countries received the drugs, regarding to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Infectious and Allergy Diseases. ‘Nevertheless, for every one individual that you put in therapy, six fresh people get infected. So we’re losing that game, the numbers game,’ Fauci informed Australian Broadcasting Corp. Radio. In many elements of the developing globe where the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to be growing exponentially, effective avoidance strategies; such as for example condom distribution, needle exchanges and basic education about the condition; reach significantly less than 15 % of the populace. ‘The proven prevention modalities aren’t accessible to any substantial proportion of the people who want them,’ said Fauci, one of the keynote speakers at the 4th International AIDS Society Meeting on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment in Sydney, Australia, wednesday which runs through.