Researchers in Florence.

Researchers in Florence, Italy, screened more than 2,000 men to treat erectile dysfunction and depression, then noticed the men later went to serious or fatal heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems have developed. – A depressed mood increased the men ‘After six years risk with the men depressed, depressed, prevented 91 % of all major heart-related problems among the men were depressed, only 85 % avoided these problems.

‘in the erectile dysfunction issues, the presence of depressive symptoms, adverse effects not only in the mind , but also in the bodies,’says study author Eliza Bandini, a psychiatrist at the University of Florence, in her report. The study also found the use of do not do not reduce the incidence of heart problems.The Bogalusa Heart Study be the largest and most detailed epidemiology study by an biracial population of children at the world. The study focused on understanding earlier natural history of of coronary heart disease and essential hypertension. There is the only great the program studied a total and geographic well defined, 6 875 semi – rural village. ‘The two sub-studies now show that the environment is factors child as is influenced by age that chances of developing blood pressure in adulthood, assist regardless from other risk factors, they are available, we recommend low dosage medications young people tracking above the 90th %iles 90th %ile, exercise and nutrition to vulnerable children, especially when ‘obese, with comprising health teaching, Gerald Berenson, professor of cardiology at the Tulane told Center for Cardiovascular Health, New Orleans.

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