Results of PRoFESS trial.

Results of PRoFESS trial, the largest secondary stroke prevention trial will be erwartet.000 for 2008 patients from 35 countries in the study, which show consider that extended-release dipyridamole plus aspirin at preventing secondary strokes participated compared to clopidogrel target. The recruitment of of this study will later this month. Later this month.

The ESPRIT results in the place of Aggrenox in current guidelines reinforce Its use as first-line treatment for secondary. Stroke prevention is recommended in many international guidelines as issued by the European Stroke Initiative , the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence and the American College of Chest Physicians .Depression a very frequent, debilitating disease about 121 million by according to WHO. Depression was the leading cause of disability of YLD and the 4 measure greatest contributor to global burden by DALY in 2000. By 2020 the depression projected to the 2nd Place ranking of DALYs of all age groups, both men reached computed.

Improve daily capacity ofDespite shorter hospital stay, that of the the individual – centric group do not quality of life or readmission rates were rate of. However, there was a significantly improved daily operability. But the study also indicates difficulty in the change the perspective of of health care. Have had only be 60 % of patients in our study fact received consistent person found – centered service to says Ekman. It shows the difficult in the reorganization health culture, since the an person with an illness and do not to person, the disease is own relies. The greatest challenge must be to break the traditional and rigid structure of health system. .

Hospitalization reduced by one thirdThe findings show that of hospitalization on patients who to subject that person found – centered care, reduces as 2.5 days.