Secondary endpoints of the ApoB SNALP Phase 1 clinical trial were measures of drug activity.

Tekmira ‘s President and CEO, said:. We are very pleased to complete the ApoB SNALP Phase 1 clinical study ApoB SNALP report was good with no liver toxicity tolerated in any of the items, and we observed some encouraging indications of RNAi drug activity we have a won considerable amount of very valuable information and insights, and at this time we believe it is advisable study study and focus our efforts on an improved ApoB SNALP product candidate. With our extensive experience and understanding of siRNA immune stimulation mediated, we are confident that we modify the siRNA payload this these unexpected side effects is why we will concentrate on the development a new ApoB siRNA in the next generation SNALP higher power clearly higher power and we will be willing to continue clinical development of this year, added Dr..

ApoB SNALP is formed production of apolipoprotein production of apolipoprotein B , a protein in the liver, key role in central role in cholesterol metabolism product.

Tekmira remains on track with its second product candidate, PLK1 SNALP to an Investigational New Drug application, a phase 1 study in the second half of the year to submit to initiate PLK1 PLK1 SNALP is being developed as a treatment for cancer and Tekmira scientists SNALP formulations at distal tumors outside of the liver directed developed shown was to an inhibition of tumor growth and prolonged survival time of the treated animals. Importantly, PLK1 SNALP was well tolerated and the results confirmed the efficacy that silencing silencing PLK1 via RNA interference..Medical and pharmacy brands including Wyeth, Amgen and Merck Share on Good Health Media on quality, targeted advertisements. To display for display in the practice fusion thoroughly Match on medical providers mostly work Reviews in primary care practices. Ad – Advertising a natural supplement in the health care, said Bill Jennings, CEO of Poor Health Media. Doctors getting, you are convenient with discreet advertising in her medical practices ‘s advertising programs give you a little medical practice, the a time-saving a time-saving, life-saving technology solution for free It is a benefit for advertiser, doctor and patient. . – Ad – based business models, long set in the consumer area are beginning to emerge in the economy.. Good Health Media is the most rapidly growing health risk an ad resource with 38 million uniques month and is the unique ad network to the practices merger.

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