Serialized drug pedigree information collected by IBM WebSphere Premises server software lamisil.

Serialized drug pedigree information collected by IBM WebSphere Premises server software, and IBM InfoSphere Traceability server, the GSMS manage and authenticate shares with trading partners to medicines. The software is compatible with both GS1/EPCglobal ‘s Electronic Product Code Information Services standard, and its Drug Pedigree Standard. Besides using the IBM system for electronic pedigree, but also on the business needs, such as chargeback resolution, targeted recall and expiration management lamisil . ‘Now is the time for the pharmaceutical industry technology technology into their operations to the drugs we take safer,’said Katherine Holland, general manager, Global Life Sciences, ‘The key to a smarter, safer care with drugs is the use of a unique serial number on each bottle of medicine. With IBM technology, GSMS can help drug manufacturers around the world to the growing threat of counterfeit drugs. ‘.

The pioneering work with GSMS overcomes many of the previous obstacles to the creation an effective electronic pedigree program through small to medium sized pharmaceutical company facing. New improvements in technology, lower costs, and new industry standards for the exchange and analysis of information make it possible for drug companies of all sizes, its drugs are safe authentic – and allow the use of smart technology to the movement of drugs from the manufacturing floor to pharmacy track.

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