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– Rising Star – Sierra neuropharmaceuticals – Sierra neuropharmaceuticals a CU spin-out is located in the Colorado Science and Technology Park at Fitzsimons. Sierra’s technology is used psychotropic drugs psychotropic drugs, delivered directly into delivered directly into the brain, without the damage associated with systemic therapies. In 2006, the CU researchers this work a state proof-of-concept grant and just two years later the on this technology on this technology – Sierra received a $ 21.5 – million venture capital Series A financing round. The company is now human and clinical trials will begin shortly.

In 2007 and 2008, his office bioscience legislation in its economic development agenda Its support for House Bill 1001 in 2008 was important, but it was his decision to $ 2 million per year for five years in the. The program that really showed his true colors His understanding of our industry and our issues reflects his concern for Colorado ‘s future and for the people of Colorado.

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